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Flowers by Terra

V Day 2024 - Coral Whisper Tulips Bouquet

V Day 2024 - Coral Whisper Tulips Bouquet

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Tender Hearts, Gentle Blooms

The timeless beauty of these tulips in the Pantone Colour of the Year Peach Fuzz, delicately bundled for an exquisite touch of nature's elegance.

A tulip is like the forbidden fruit in Singapore, it is so alluring yet it seems to die the next day? What if we told you these tulips are different and the only reason they die so quickly is because... you feed them too much water? Included in every bouquet is a special care card for these tulips, follow them and you will never look at tulips the same way again! With blooms considerably larger than the usual tulips - this French Tulip is a crowd pleaser and will definitely wow your Valentine! 

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