About Us




1. land or territory.

2. earth.

Flowers by terra thus literally means flowers by earth.

About Flowers by Terra

The phrase "Earth laughs in flowers" in the poem Hamatreya by Ralph Waldo Emerson left a great impression on our founder. She imagined blooms sprouting in fields as the earth rejoiced and how beautiful an image it was. 

We hope this is how receiving #flowersbyterra feels as we derive so much joy in designing and crafting every bouquet and arrangement. 

Seasonal flowers are featured generously in all our bouquets and arrangements so you can say "I got this bouquet in Spring!" or "I received some gorgeous Maple leaves in Autumn"! We think this is an amazing way to remember unforgettable moments especially in Singapore where we are perpetually stuck in Summer. 

About Founder


Sarah Ching, the founder of Flowers by Terra, has been practising floristry for more than five years. She has trained all around the world with esteemed floral designers like Catherine Muller in Paris, Judith Blacklock in London and Lee Ju Yeon at Vaness Flowers in Korea.​

She has been teaching floral design in Singapore for more than four years and have taught students from Russia, Australia, the US, China and of course hundreds of Singaporeans.

Her style is inspired strongly by seasonality and nature and she specializes in creating arrangements that look as if flowers are happily dancing in the wild.