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Flowers by Terra

‘The Earth laughs in flowers’ - Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Philosopher.

We have grown from a boutique florist specializing in seasonal premium floral designs to a SSG-Accredited Training Provider of WSQ Floral Design Courses.

The mission of Flowers by Terra is still to bring the healing nature into your daily lives. Watch the flowers bloom, smell them, nurture them by changing the water in the vase.

A bonus if you could create a life you want through flowers, just like how our founder did :)

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  • WSQ SFC-Eligible Courses

    Discover the artistry of floral design with our comprehensive courses that blend creativity and expertise. Learn essential techniques, color theory, and the latest trends in our hands-on floral design classes. Whether you're a budding enthusiast or an aspiring professional, our curated curriculum caters to all skill levels. Up to 70% funding, join us now!

    WSQ Courses 
  • Floral Jamming & Practice Sessions

    Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of blooms, where creativity meets tranquility. Our floral arranging sessions provide a serene escape, allowing you to slow down, unwind, and reconnect with nature. Discover the joy of crafting beautiful arrangements while cultivating a sense of mindfulness.

    Floral Jamming & Practice Sessions 
  • Celebrate with Flowers

    Elevate your special moments with our exclusive private floral arranging experience. Immerse yourselves in floral design in an intimate setting, guided by trained designers.Craft beautiful arrangements together, creating memories.

    Private Floral Workshops 

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