SFC Eligible WSQ Course: Professional Floral Design

Professional Floral Design: Techniques, Trends, and Business Strategies

Course Overview: 

Do you love flowers and aspire to start your floral design career? Or are you a florist looking to refine your artistry? In this course, you'll embark on a creative adventure that covers every facet of the floral design industry. Beginners are welcomed as there will be lots of guidance from our trainers.

You will dive deep into the core principles of floral design and essential business skills like pricing competitively, marketing effectively, and communicating with clients professionally.

Learn through lots of hands-on practice, role play and gain access to a wealth of resources post course, like online tutorials, designed to enhance your learning experience and provide practical guidance.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel as a professional floral designer, whether you already are one, or aspire to be one! 

Learning Outcomes

  • Select, care and properly use flowers and foliage in floral arrangements
  • Apply core principles like color theory, composition, and harmony in floral designs
  • Assemble wrapped bouquets and table arrangements using proper tools and techniques
  • Wire flowers and foliages to improve longevity and stability in designs
  • Create bridal personal flowers and bridal bouquet for weddings
  • Price creations competitively and create brand value
  • Communicate with customer to understand their needs to determine the appropriate selection and use of flowers in the floral arrangements.

Practical Hands-On: 

1. Personal Flowers - Boutonniere & Wrist Corsage

2. Bridal Bouquet

3. Wrapped Bouquet

4. Table Arrangement using Sustainable Techniques


Course Fees and Subsidies 

Fees payable are SkillsFuture Credit and PSEA claimable. 

Registration fee $30 + Florist tool kit $50 (non claimable, must be paid via cash or bank transfer)


Company Sponsored (SME)

Original Course Fee Applicable for International learners



SCs aged below 40 years & PRs above 21 (50% baseline funding


$246 (ETSS, if applicable)

SCs aged 40 years and above

((70% Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy)


E.g. if you are Singaporean Citizen above 40 years old, the course fee payable is only $246. This $246 can be payable with your Skillsfuture Credits if you have sufficient. 
** The $500 Mid Career Support Top Up Credits is Not Applicable for use in this course.  


Skills Code: LNS-GED-3005-1.1

Upon successful completion, learners will receive a WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) for Flower Arrangement (Level 3) and an in-house Certificate of Completion.

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