WSQ Professional Floral Design Course: Techniques, Trends, and Business Strategies

This comprehensive 4-day course is designed to equip learners with skills to create floral designs for commercial use. Upon completion of course, learners gain insightful knowledge in pricing, marketing and acquire the blueprint to launching their businesses or careers in the floral industry.

Accompanied by experienced and motivational instructors, participants will craft four distinct floral designs and accompanying accessories, which they can take home. Immerse yourself in this highly creative and enjoyable course for a fulfilling learning experience.

Course Details

Course Overview

Duration: 4 days (26.5 hours in total)

Prerequisite: Basic numeracy and English literacy skills (level 3) - Written Assessment will be in English

Venue: 23 Kelantan Lane #03-01 Kim Hoe Centre Singapore 208642

(4 min walk from Jalan Besar MRT Station)

Do you love flowers and aspire to start your floral design career? Or are you a florist looking to refine your artistry? In this course, you'll embark on a creative adventure that covers every facet of the floral design industry. Beginners are welcomed as there will be lots of guidance from our trainers.

You will dive deep into the core principles of floral design and essential business skills like pricing competitively, marketing effectively, and communicating with clients professionally.

Learn through lots of hands-on practice, role play and gain access to a wealth of resources post course, like online tutorials, designed to enhance your learning experience and provide practical guidance.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel as a professional floral designer, whether you already are one, or aspire to be one! 

Funding and Course Fees

Course Fees and Subsidies 

Fees payable are SkillsFuture Credit, UTAP and PSEA claimable.
Registration fee $30 (for new students, cash via PayNow or bank transfer)
Tool kit: $50 (optional)


Company Sponsored (SME)

Original Course Fee Applicable for International learners



SCs aged < 40 years old & PRs > 21 (50% baseline funding


$246 (ETSS, if applicable)

SCs > 40 years old

(70% Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy)


E.g. if you are Singaporean Citizen above 40 years old, the course fee payable is only $246. This $246 can be payable with your Skillsfuture Credits if you have sufficient. Cash upfront for course fee is $0. 
** The $500 Mid Career Support Top Up Credits is Not Applicable for use in this course.  

Who should attend

Flower lovers, Florists, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Professionals in hospitality, retail, events and wedding industry, with minimal or no prior experience in floristry.


Skills Code: LNS-GED-3005-1.1

Upon successful completion, learners will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) in WSQ Floral Arrangement (L3).

Learning Outcomes

  • Select, care and properly use flowers and foliage in floral arrangements
  • Apply core principles like color theory, composition, and harmony in floral designs
  • Assemble wrapped bouquets and table arrangements using proper tools and techniques
  • Wire flowers and foliages to improve longevity and stability in designs
  • Create bridal personal flowers and bridal bouquet for weddings
  • Price creations competitively and create brand value
  • Communicate with customer to understand their needs to determine the appropriate selection and use of flowers in the floral arrangements.

Practical Hands-On: 

1. Personal Flowers - Boutonniere

2. Bridal Bouquet

3. Wrapped Bouquet

4. Table Arrangement using Sustainable Techniques

  • July 2024 (Weekend)

    20th, 21st, 27th & 28th July - FULL

    20th July: 945am to 5pm

    21st July: 945am to 5pm

    27th July: 945am to 5pm

    28th July: 945am to 5pm

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  • July 2024 (Weekday)

    30th, 31st July & 1st and 2nd Aug

    30th July: 945am to 5pm

    31st July: 945am to 5pm

    01st Aug: 945am to 5pm

    02nd Aug: 945am to 5pm

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  • August 2024 (Weekend)

    17th, 18th, 24th & 25th Aug

    17th Aug: 945am to 5pm

    18th Aug: 945am to 5pm

    24th Aug: 945am to 5pm

    25th Aug: 945am to 5pm

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  • Aug 2024 (Weekday)

    19th - 22nd Aug

    19th Aug: 945am to 515pm

    20th Aug: 945am to 515pm

    21st Aug: 945am to 515pm

    22nd Aug: 945am to 415pm

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Hands On Items

Kickstart your new hustle

Up to 70% funding for Singaporeans and Skillsfuture Credits Eligible

  • Edwina Tan

    I attended the 3-day Florist Career Commercial Course a month ago. As a beginner in floristry, I have gained more than I imagined. Sarah teaches well with clarity and she makes the lesson contents memorable. She shares her knowledge and experiences with sincerity. I must say I am now more confident in handling flowers and creating flower arrangements as a hobby, using the techniques that I have learnt.

  • Joanne Koh

    I had a great time at the 3 days Floristry Commercial Course as conducted by Sarah of Flowers by Terra. Sarah is so sweet and patient and most generous with the flowers for our teaching materials. This course is one of best in town, covering most comprehensive topics in floristry for any aspiring florists. I highly recommend it and will participate in future new courses again if it materializes. Thanks to Sarah, Geraldine and Ashley for such well organized 3 days programme for us!

  • Lynn Chew

    Recently attended the 3-day florist commercial course conducted by Sarah and Geraldine, I had so much fun and learnt a lot as well!Sarah taught us floral design basics and techniques as well as the business aspect of owning a floral business.I recommend this course for anyone who is looking to have their own floral business or hobbyists who are looking to learn floral design ◡̈

  • Haley Yan

    Throughout these three days, I have learned so much from Sarah. You can really feel her generosity in not just the amount of premium flowers she ordered for us, but also the in-depth knowledge sharing. Apart from floral techniques, she shared the business aspect of being a florist. This was so refreshing for me as I really gained insights into the types of business a florist could specialise in. Sarah is such a natural teacher. Her teachings and sharing have also affirmed some of my ideas.

    I would also like to commend on the way the lessons were structured. At the end of day 1, we learned to arrange a bouquet using spiral technique. This skill was used again over the next two days which allowed us to practise. At the end of the career course with Sarah, I feel confident to start my own floral business. It has fast-tracked my learning as there were so many hands-on activities.

    Sarah, thank you for helping me with my first step to becoming a florist! I look forward to learning more from you in the future :)

    So if you’re like me - wanting to start your own floral business - Flowers by Terra is the place to go! You can even use your SkillsFuture credits for the course. P.S. they also post tutorials and vlogs on their YouTube channel which I binge-watched all in one sitting 🍿

  • Karen Sun

    Chance upon flower by terra Facebook and so happy that I found a florist school that taught garden style of flowers arrangement locally

    Both Sarah and Geraldine are patient and shared many knowledge and skill about floristy

    The teaching materials used were of good quality ie the types of flowers as well as the you tube tutorials!!! So useful for post course self practise that not only you can assess to soft copies notes but also videos ( can helps in pre course preparation too !! )

    Highly recommend to attend courses from Terra Floral Design School , Looking forward to attend other floral classes by Sarah and company soon!!

  • Jes Teo

    Attended a 2-day floral arrangement courses with my sisters recently over the weekend.

    Similar to baking/cooking where mise en place are to prepped beforehand, we got to learn to condition the flowers before they are put together beautifully.

    Other than understanding the techniques, we had to do own creation of table, bouquet and flower glass dome flower arrangements with guidance from owner Sarah and her assistant Geraldine. We also get to bring our creations home.

    We are very happy to be able to learn something new. Fees were also claimable from Skillsfuture.

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