Floral Design Courses

We are quickly losing our connection to nature in this modern world. At Terra, we hope to help you reconnect with nature through every curve and angle of flowers.

Learn how to create floral arrangements and bouquets which focus on the natural beauty of the movement and flow of every bloom and foliage. We are open to anyone who loves flowers and we would love to have you even if you have never worked with any before. Private 1-1 beginner or intermediate courses available too.

In all our workshops, we teach you how to design with a garden in mind and share with you all the techniques to increase the longevity of your blooms. Our studio is designed to provide a creative and experimental learning environment and in it you take time to slow down and appreciate the fleeting world of flowers.

Flowers are seasonal - they thrive and inevitably decline. We always include seasonal blooms in our classes and from them we learn how to live in the moment. 

We also offer Skillsfuture approved courses for aspiring florist owners - beginners are welcome and you can use your Skillsfuture credits to pick up a new skill! 

Email us to find out more or sign up here!