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Open Studio Session - 6 Apr 2024

Open Studio Session - 6 Apr 2024

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Open Studio Sessions (75 minutes per session) 

Our goal for 2024 is to provide a serene escape for you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with our transformative floral arranging experiences. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of blooms and choose from a list of items you desire to work on. Elevate your mental health with the therapeutic art of floral arranging while being surrounded by flowers and like-minded flower lovers.  

For all workshops, our trainers on site will give a brief introduction about the activity and you can download the video instructions and do it at your own pace, unwind and enjoy the time you have allocated for yourself. Come together with some friends or family whom you would love to share this activity or precious time with!

What you can create

1. Floral Jamming - Fresh Flowers Petite Jar arrangement ($68 per pax, 18cm arrangement) 

Love our lush and happy arrangements featuring the best premium blooms of the season? Learn how we create our arrangements organically in jars with our signature Terra technique. 

A set of flowers and foliages will be provided. If any flowers from the floral bar catch your eye, you can also just pay for them at ala-carte prices and add it into your arrangement!

 2. Preserved Flowers with Lighted Dome (starting at $68 for petite size)

Learn how to work with dried and preserved flowers and put together your very own lighted dome! Perfect for a bedside decor or gift it to someone you care deeply for! Pastel or bold? Choose your poison from a buffet of preserved blooms and bring home something uniquely yours! 


 3. Preserved Flowers Box Arrangement ($68 per pax, 18cm arrangement)


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